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Clear Choice Thickened Beverages

New and improved, clear, starch-free, enhanced flavor.

Lyons Magnus is committed to providing top quality nutritional products within the

budget constraints of the healthcare industry.


The Lyons ReadyCare line has been specially formulated alongside our team of Registered Dietitians to provide the flavor, eye appeal, and nutritional quality that healthcare providers require.


Our growing nutritional product line is grouped according to the key issues that

healthcare residents and patients face daily.

Unintended Weight Loss
Digestive Health

Pre-thickened or thickened from scratch, our dysphagia products assist healthcare operators with the dietary management of patients with swallowing difficulties.

Our nutritional supplements are available in frozen, shelf stable, and a dry mix format and provide the nutrients needed in every resident’s diet.

From concentrates to ready-to-serve, our shelf stable juices are available in numerous flavors to respond to each of your resident’s preferences.

Our fiber juices have been specially formulated to allow healthcare operators to easily and effectively supplement the fiber intake of their patients.

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