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About Us

Lyons understands the pressures facing today’s health care providers - serving top quality nutritional products within the budget constraints of the healthcare industry. That is why we are proud to offer a wide variety of quality choices for quality care. In fact, since our company was founded in 1852, we have made substantial changes in our products, packaging and process technology to keep up with the changing foodservice demands. Lyons is committed to offering the healthcare industry unsurpassed product quality and variety.

Lyons combines the values of a family-owned and operated company with the aggressive implementation of advanced technology in both processing and business systems. We are directly involved in nearly every level of our industry - growing and processing of key raw materials, process engineering, manufacturing, warehousing and transportation. This strategy of vertical integration guarantees quality and value.

With our impressive product development team we strive to develop the best tasting and visually appealing products while still offering the nutritional quality required. Strict quality control ensures top-notch products to help meet the varied dietary needs required in today’s healthcare market. You can count on Lyons to help you with making quality choices.

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